Provenzal fabric


Provenzal fabric

Provencal fabrics... who I am and how I got here... I introduce myself!


I've always had a soft spot for all those colourful fabrics and tiny patterns, with little ramage, with flowers or animals between mythological and fantastic.. Like moustier! My luck, after all, is to be raised ina region that borders France.. It's clear, it couldn't be anywhere else! Only in France you can find those wonders, Provencal fabrics, which have a long and traditional history behind them, which continue to enchant and fascinate me.

That's how the adventure of this activity was born, with a lot of fear and excitment, where I put all my heart and a lot of time in, and it has been sixteen years now (by the way the anniversary happens to be these days!)

It started in a tiny shop with valted ceilings of of brick veneer (so much dust fell down!!) and some of those beautiful fabric rolls, and other typical Provencal products.. Guess what? c'mon it's easy! :) ... Lavender and soap, and even candles and ceramics, some with warm summer colours snd others with decorations declined in blue and some yellow touches (remember the moustier? Now I show it to you)


Weird animal, right?

It feels so far because since then research and trips to the wonderful Provence intensified and I brought everytime something new and absolutely beatiful.. That's how the first Provencal jacquard tablecloths arrived here (maybe I'll tell you about it one day) and then the first Provencal curtains, in fresh linen with nice embroideries, the first shy attempts to introduce a shabby touch (who knew what it was 15 years ago!)

And then boutis!! Wonderful quilts that draw floral or Provencal motifs on pure white background or en elegant nuances of taupe, grey and light lavender... I know that I will have to talk about boutis in a separate article :)

This world that leads us back to Provence continues to shine through in the choices and proposals (I trips still continues!) also thanks to the fact that by now many companies, even italian, wink at the Provencal tradition, combining and interpreting it with that touch of shabby chic that is now dear to you all.

I wish I could show you the magic of this fabrics, of the Provence, and I surely will, but not now, because during all my trips I took lots of photos and I'd like you to show you all of them (but they're too much!!!)

So I leave you for now with the promise that we'll meet again in this living room (Provencal of course!) to talk about botis, lavender, Provencal fabrics and if you will have the patience to wait many beautiful things to decorate the house, maybe as if we were in front of a virtual cup of tea, or rather an infusion of verveine! (verbena)

Greetings to all the Provencal lovers,


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Provenzal fabric

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